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To construct the highest quality custom knives utilizing classic handmade techniques, state of the art material and processes to create the most functional, distinctive and elegant knives for enduring use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Eric D. Ochs, Maker

Ochs Worx

P.O. Box 1311

Sherwood, OR 97140

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Phone & Fax: 503-925-9790

E-mail: eric@ochs.com


In 2011 I went full-time knifemaking and turned my primary focus to making folding & flipping tactical knives.  With a ground swell of support from my Subforum on USN I closed my books in September of 2012 with a backlog of nearly 4 years.  I would like to say thanks to my many loyal and wonderful customers who help make my job and passion, fun, entertaining and exciting. 


In making knives  the stock removal method is used, blades are ground by hand, reliefs are milled and locks cut free for every knife using only the highest grades of knife/tool steel and titanium for liner and framelock folding knives. We primarily use high grade powder steels, mostly stainless such as CPM 154 and CPM S35VN and many damascus steels.  Blades are sent to Paul Bos to be heat treated and get a cryogenic double or triple temper to insure the very best edge holding and blade toughness. This is the best, most consistent way to maximize the potential of the high grade stainless and tool steels used. 

Made with Pride in

Sherwood, Oregon


(Above) Persian flipper framelock with Black Timascus pivot collar accent.   All stonewashed.




(Left)  Tatsu Tanto folder with a 4” Blade edge in CPM S30V and Super conductor bolster and Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber handle scale.

Handles are highly contoured in ergonomic designs to provide superior grip and control.  Ochs Worx builds primarily folding and flipping knives now in both framelock and linerlock configurations. But we do still make fixed blades too. Both fixed and folding knives are made using natural materials like wood and bone as well as synthetic materials such as Micarta, G10  and various Carbon Fibers.  Eric Ochs helped to develop the Shred Carbon Fiber in conjunction with Composite Craft.   We also incorporate many metal materials such as Copper, Mokuti, Timascus, zirconium, mokume and other similar exotic alloys.

Almost all of our designs are created by Eric Ochs who strives for useful simplicity and balance.  Designing knives is an exciting time consuming process that requires developing a working design, testing and reworking the designs making very small changes and modifications over and over again to get a superior product.  Ochs Worx is constantly trying to improve  designs.

Please look around and enjoy!    


We maintain this webpage periodically, but it is not always possible to update it as frequently as we would like.  If anything is not clear or you have comments or are interested in more information please feel free to contact us.  Availability of items and prices are subject to change without notice.

(Above)  Gyrfalcon 2.0 anodized framelock with hole pattern and hammered Titanium inset.   Blade is dark etch tumbled.



(Left) A Wolverine flipper with hammered titanium handle and dark etched stonewashed blade.









(Left) Peregrine flipper with Harpoon blade, dubbed ‘Perepoon’.   This one has Rob Thomas Fireball Stainless Damascus Blade, Timascus bolsters, clip and Carbon Fiber scales.




(Below) Orca linerlock with Mokume bolsters, antique ivory Micarta and Nichols San Mai blade with XHP core.

*No longer taking orders*

Photo:  Ernesto Urdaneta

We have a Subforum on USN and are on Instagram and Facebook.   I will post on these when there are opportunities for knives.   We also have an email list.

Thanks for your support!


Formerly known as:  Ochs Sherworx

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(Above) Hideout Flipper linerlock with Hammered Zirconium Bolsters and Black Timascus handle scales.



(Left) Tatsu Flipper with Moku-ti bolster and Marble Carbon Fiber in a framelock.  More here

Oni Tanto flipper in Mokuti framelock with hammered zirconium clip and anodized titanium LBS.